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We mated on the 30. August 2019

Tsihmao’s Funny Girl
born.: 13.06.2016

Bayern-Siegerin 2018

HD A 2 / ED 0/0




 Tsihmao's Wanna Be Smart  Dt. Jgd. Ch. Tsihmao's Pretty  Boy Floyd Chenggong Chiroky
Tsihmao's Zhuo-Ming
 Int. Ch. Milisson At-Tsihmaos  Int. Ch. Wrinklesmith Reality Bites
 Win-Chester and Leslie's Star Aida
 Dt. Ch. Tsihmao's Una Dark Rose  Peandokry Just Good Friends  SA Ch. Cathay Hotshot With Peandokry
 Hippo's Whiter Shade of Pale
 Tsihmao's Ding Dong Bell  Dt. Ch. Clubdg. VDH-Europsg. 05 Gimli
 Dt. Jgd. Ch. Tsihmao's Temple  Belle



Tsihmao's Two Nigel
born.: 06.10.2014
HD A / ED 0/0


 Tsihmao's Two Elton  Tsihmao's Two Boke  Great-Mack's Elvis of Max
 Int. Ch. Chesapeake's Prunelle
 Tsihmao's Two Vienna  Int. Ch. Louwak des Senteur's d'Opium
 Hsu Chai's Tuttifrutti
 Dragonsquare's Flame  Tsihmao's Two Yip  Int. Ch. Louwak des Senteur's d'Opium
 Int. Ch. Chesapeake's Prunelle
 Dragonsquare's Zaratustra  Int. Ch. Hsu Chai's Soter
 Waggitail out of Africa




We mated on the 16 / 18.August 2018


Tsihmao's Gilmore Girl Blue Gen
born.: 04.01.2017
Bavaria Junior Winner 2018
HD C 2 / ED 0/0

SAM_0610 (2) 



 Khambliq Jamabiah

Khambaliq Turchese

Epics Hot Cocoa For Dragon De Koshi

 Epics Azzura

 El Dragon De Koshi Open Your Mine With Nutella

Epics Hot Cocoa For Dragon De Koshi 

Pandora’s Donna Lilac Whisper

 Dt. Ch. Dt. Jgd. Ch. Exote par Exellence

Tsihmao’s Una Dark Rose

 Peandokry Just Good Friends

 SA CH. Chatay Hotshot With Peandokry

 Hippo’s Wither Shade of Pale

  Tsihmao's Ding Dong Bell

 Dt. Jgd. Ch. VDH/CER, Ejgsg. 05, Clubsg. 05, DT. Ch. Gimli

 Dt. Jgd. Ch. Tsihmao's Temple Bell



Tsihmao's Who's Talking
born.: 21.12.2010
HD/A  ED 0/0

and we are waiting for Puppies!


 Jgd. Ch. Clubjgdsg. 09
 Tsihmao's Pretty Boy Floyd
 Chenggong Chiroky  Winner Belgium 01
 Elite's Back in a Flash
 Golding Main Event
 Tsihmao's Zhuo Ming  Dt. Ch. Dt. Lux.
 Jgd.Ch, Clbsg.  07, Gimli
Fuyuan's Dai Ting
 Int. Dt. Lux. Ch. Dt. Jgd.Ch.   Exote Par Excellence,
 Milisson At-Tsihmaos
 Int. Dt. N. S. Ch. Nordic-Winner  02, Dt. Jgd. Ch.  Clubjgdsg. 00,   Bdsjgdsg. 00
 Wrinklesmith's Reality Bites
 AKC Ch. Elite's Photo Finish
 AKC Ch.
 Wrinklesmith's  Xcitation
 Win-Cester and Leslie's Star   Aida  H. A. Ch. H. Jgd. Ch. Speedycrom Demon
 Skinny Piggy Sziszi


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