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CAC-Show at Altdorf on the 31.03.2018
Richter.: Heiko Wagner

Junior Female
EX 1, Jgd-CAC, VDH-Jgd-CAC, Bavaria Junior Winner 18, Tsihmao's Gilmore Girl Blue Gen

Open Female
EX 1, CAC, VDH-CAC, BOB, Bavaria Winner 18, Tsihmao's Funny Girl



CAC-Show at Oer-Erkenschwick on the 17.09.2017

Stefan Wächter

Junior Female
EX 2, Jgd-CAC-Res., VDH-Jgd-CAC-Res., Tsihmao's Funny Girl



Kerst-Show at Landen ( Belgien) on the 17.12.2016

Gabiela Ridarcikova, SK

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person


After a great day at the Kerst-Show in Landen, Belgium on the 17.12.2016!
Tsihmao’s Enah Blue Gen with excellent best Junior, Best of Breed with her 2nd. Jr. belgian CAC.

Congratulation Isabel Weber, you show Enah in perfection!


BRABO-Antwerpen ( Belgien) on the 17.04.2016

Richter.: Josef van Hummelen, B

Bitch Minor Puppy
Very promising 1, 2. Best Minor Puppy in Show, Tsihmao’s Enah blue Gen


Owner.: Isabell Weber

I congratulate Isabell Weber to this success and am very happy!



IB-Ausstellung on the 26.03.2016 at Luxembourg

Richter.: Marie-Jose Melchior, Lux

 Rüden Champion Klasse / Male Champion Class
V2, CAC-Res., CACIB-Res., Ch. Tsihmao's Ushu Dark Princ

Hündinnen Minor Puppy
very promising 2,  Tsihmao's Enah Blue Gen
Bes.: Isabell Weber



CACIB-Exibition on the 12.03.2016 at Genk / Belgium

Richter.: Ingrid Hectors, B

   Bitch Minor Puppy
   very promising 1,  Place 3  Best Minor Puppy Tsihmao's Enah Blue Gen


Owner.: Isabell Weber

I congratulate Isabell Weber to this success and am very proud!



CACIB-Ausstellung am 12.10.2013 in Dortmund
Erwin Deutscher, A

    Male Champion Class
    EX 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.,  Ch. Tsihmao's Ushu Dark Prince



CACIB-Ausstellung am 08.09.2013 in Luxembourg
Richter.: Victor van Ramsdonk, B

    Male Champion Class
    V2, CAC-Res., CACIB-Res.,  Ch. Tsihmao's Ushu Dark Prince



CAC-Ausstellung am 18.08.2013 in Etzbach
Elsbeth Clerc, CH

     Female Open Class
    V1, CAC, VDH-CAC, Jgd. Ch. Tsihmao's Una Dark Rose

Tsihmao's Una Dark Rose has fulfilled the conditions for the titel German Campion.
Thank most of all Judges how liked him!


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